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10 Mistakes People Make with Periscope (plus 1 bonus)

(To view this blog post in scope form, see below.) Lightning fast read meant to make you think… 10 Mistakes People Make with Periscope (plus 1 bonus): 1. Are not an early adopter. 2. Think they have a “face for radio” (you don’t have to be “good looking” to do it). 3. Forget they can […]

Jesus Going Viral – Part 2

(To read “Jesus Going Viral – Part 1,” click here.) I want to give you an example of the Gospel going viral. (viral: “becoming very popular by circulating quickly from person to person, especially on the Internet: the most memorable viral videos; a book that’s gone viral.” I have a list of some of […]

Jesus Going Viral – Part 1

God has a weird way of doing things. Take Christ’s ministry for instance. First of all, He shows up in a manger, cave, animal feeding trough. (Luke 2:7c) That’s not very respectable. And then He’s the Son (earthly) of a teenager and a carpenter? (Matthew 1:18-25) That’s not much prestige. And then… He waits. And […]

How to Make Your Slideshow a Smash Hit! (slideshow)

Based on the acronym: s-l-i-d-e-s-h-o-w. (Courtesy of Sugar Pine Realty.)

150,000+ Twitter Followers and the Dirty Little Secret on Social Media Numbers

I just passed 150k followers on Twitter (click picture) and thought it would be a good time to offer a comment on Twitter followers, Facebook “likes,” how many “circles” you’re in on Google+, etc. The dirty little secret is numbers are so, so deceiving. As it has to do with Twitter, there are so many […]

4 Lessons I’ve Learned in 4 Years of Tweeting

It’s my 4-year anniversary on Twitter. (Send presents.) I posted my first tweet four years ago (November 19, 2008). Twitter was younger then. (I was, too.) I’ve learned a lot in four years of tweeting. At the writing of this post that’s 79,584 tweets to be exact. And I’m an introvert after all. (I really […]

How to Create an Audio File

Here are some simple instructions on how to create an audio file. (I like simple. I can do simple.) There will be a simple download involved, too. ADJUST MICROPHONE But first, we need to adjust the microphone volume control on your computer. This really looks way harder than it is… On your computer, go to: […]

The Power (Reach) of a Twitter Hashtag

For those of you that don’t know, a Twitter hashtag is a number sign (#) combined with a word or multiple words (#HeartChat, #EscapefromEgypt, #GospelofMark). HOW TO USE A TWITTER HASHTAG A Twitter hashtag is a way of bookmarking a topic or conversation on Twitter. Click on or search the hashtag at Twitter Search to […]

10 Tips on How to Lead a “Live” Chat on Twitter

“The sower went out to sow. …Some seeds fell on good soil.” (Mark 4:3b, 8a) I’ve been teaching the Bible on Twitter in recent days via a “live” chat. (For more information, click here.) I have come to recognize a number of things that are helpful in leading / promoting a “live” chat. I thought […]