10 Mistakes People Make with Transgenderism (plus 1 bonus)

TransgenderLightning fast read meant to make you think…

10 Mistakes People Make with Transgenderism (plus 1 bonus):

1. Think God’s Word has nothing to say about Transgenderism (maybe not explicitly). (Proverbs 14:12; 16:25; Matthew 7:13-14)

2. Overlook Christ saying there are only two genders and no transitioning / in-between (“God made them male and female”). (Mark 10:6)

3. Don’t realize that the promotion of Transgenderism really is a part of an overall elevation of evil as good (under the guise of “social reengineering”). (Isaiah 5:20)

4. Refuse to consider that the overwhelming urge for a boy to be a girl or a girl to be a boy is connected to the fall of mankind into sin at the very beginning (“disordered desire“). (Genesis 3:1-24)

5. Don’t realize the power of the blood of Jesus to deliver a person from the overwhelming sinful urge of Transgenderism.

6. Demand that others accept the Transgender lifestyle when it’s against their religious beliefs (not accepting lifestyle doesn’t equal hating Transgenders).

7. Don’t realize the power of the Holy Spirit and prayer to help a person live out the gender God created them as in the first place.

8. Say Jesus was transgender to promote Transgenderism / make it acceptable (you can prove anything with the Bible if you “impose” your own ideas on it versus “exposing” its principles as originally stated).

9. Alter the Scriptures so that they portray God as creating Transgenders when it doesn’t say that at all. (Revelation 22:18-19)

10. Think that an overreaching government would not use Transgenderism as a pretext for tyrannical imposition of policies (all schools must comply and allow Transgenders to use the bathroom of their choice or Federal funding will be withheld).

BONUS Think that men (especially) would not use Transgenderism as a pretext to infiltrate women-only facilities (what are you stupid?).

(Transgender picture above via pixabay.)

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