A False Prophetess Named Jezebel and the Altar of Tolerance


To which church in the book of Revelation does Christ make the mention of “Jezebel” to?

If you said “Thyatira,” you’re right…

“‘I know your deeds, and your love and faith and service and perseverance, and that your deeds of late are greater than at first. But I have this against you (Thyatira), that YOU TOLERATE the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bond-servants astray so that they commit acts of immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.'” (Revelation 2:19-20)


And the world calls us to worship at the altar of “tolerance” (so-called) in our day (see the reference “you tolerate” in v. 20).

But as Christians and ministry leaders in the church of Jesus Christ in any age, we are called to NOT TOLERATE certain people (the false prophetess, Jezebel, teaching lies is the example here) and we are called to NOT TOLERATE certain things (sexual immorality, fornication, adultery, etc, is the example here).

As saints in the Body of Christ, we tolerate GODLINESS and are intolerant towards UNGODLINESS and those who teach us it’s okay (period, end of sentence).

(Jezebel picture is in the public domain: click here.)

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