10 Mistakes People Make with Islam (plus 1 bonus)

Mohammed Receiving Revelation from the Angel GabrielLightning fast read meant to make you think…

10 Mistakes People Make with Islam (plus 1 bonus):

1. Don’t understand Islam’s past.
2. Misinterpret (cloud via ignorance, naivete) Islam’s present.
3. Think Islam is compatible with/equal to Christianity (it is not).
4. Excuse deception/lying to further Islam’s reach.
5. Rationalize Islam’s cruel treatment of women.
6. Fear reprisal should they speak out against Islam.
7. Overlook that Mohammed is dead while Jesus is alive. (John 20:11-18; 1 Corinthians 15:20)
8. Don’t realize Islam’s god is not the same as Christianity’s God.
9. Accept the Koran as equal to (on the same authority level as) the Bible.
10. Overlook the law of abrogation in Islam (“later pronouncements of the Prophet declare null and void his earlier pronouncements”).

BONUS Forget that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save those who adhere to Islam (Muslims), too. (John 3:16)

(Mohammed receiving revelation from the angel Gabriel picture above is in the public domain: click here. PD-US)

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