Would Jesus Tweet? (The Gospel of Innovation)

Twitter Birds“’Behold, the former things have come to pass, Now I declare new things; Before they spring forth I proclaim them to you.’” (Isaiah 42:9)

God is always innovating. The simplest (yet profoundest) example is He changes whole groups of people every generation.

He’s into “new.” He’s into “fresh.” He’s into “creativity.” (Would you come to a church where they sang the same songs every week and listened to the same old, dry, dead sermon?)

“Borders” is gone. (I’m talking about the bookstore chain.) Primarily, it’s because they couldn’t innovate. (Or wouldn’t.) Your church will be gone, too, if you don’t “adapt.”

People get nervous when you talk that way. They think you want to compromise. They think you want to water down the message. I don’t want to do anything of the sort. I’m not talking about the message. (John 12:32) I’m talking about the method (of delivery).

Jesus burst on the scene and they hated Him for it. He broke the mold of doing things. (Actually, He was/is the “mold” of doing things!)

Do I think Jesus would tweet? I do. Do I think He would Facebook? I do again. Or He would have His disciples doing it from their iPhones. (Now there’s a picture.)

What “new thing” is God calling you to (online or offline)?

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