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5 Questions To Ask About A Worship Song

5 Questions To Ask About A Worship Song 1. Is Jesus mentioned? If yes, is it in name or concept? 2. Is the song clear? Does it use sentences (with subject, verb, object) or sentence fragments? 3. Is the song about the things that God has done (objective), or about my own emotions and experiences […]

Theresa Graduates From High School

Theresa Gives Her Speech Theresa Receives Her Diploma

10 Mistakes People Make with Bible Study and Interpretation (plus 1 bonus)

Lightning fast read meant to make you think… 10 Mistakes People Make with Bible Study and Interpretation (plus 1 bonus): 1. They read into the Bible what they want it to say (eisegesis, proof texting) instead of leading out the meaning in its context (exegesis). 2. They don’t rely on and ask the Lord (in […]

The Pelagian Heresy In The Evangelical Church

THE PELAGIAN HERESY The Pelagian heresy is the idea that human beings are ultimately good at the core and have the ability to choose between good and evil due to their free will. (Heresy: “opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine, especially of a church or religious system.”) The Pelagian heresy […]

Jonathan Edwards On Hearing From God

(Jonathan Edwards via wikipedia)

Magic Mantra Wakes Up Person In A Coma?

A minister emailed me to say that when he used the words, “Talitha cumi” (“Little girl, I say to you, arise”) like Jesus did – and then declared that it should happen TODAY – the person who was in a coma woke up later that night. My response: It wasn’t due to a magic mantra […]

The Narcissistic Blasphemy of Todd White

The false teaching comes within the first 30 seconds of this interview. Todd White: “The value placed on my life was determined by the cost that was paid for me. See the cross isn’t just the revelation of my sin. It’s the revealing of my value. Something underneath of that sin must have been of […]

What Does It Mean To Fear God?

(Jesus Christ Carrying Our Sins On The Cross via wikimedia)